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Hi. I’m Abdelrahman Abdou

I’m the founder of ExcelBonanza.com, A website dedicated to helping people learn Excel and solve their problems, whether at work or in their personal lives.
I spent most of my Career working for Vodafone Egypt. I started as a Customer service representative and then I got promoted eventually to a call center data and reporting.
I had some of the best days at Vodafone, and I have always loved the company culture.

Me at a Masquerade Event held @ Vodafone in Egypt

My professional background is focused on the Telecom and Call center industry.
I have a passion for learning Excel as it is a very versatile tool that is installed on Millions of computers around the world and can solve many problems.
I recently moved to Canada to start a new Chapter of my life.

My Background is a Bsc. in Chemical Engineering.

I have a Youtube Channel to share my passion for Microsoft Excel. You can check it here.

You can Also check my Excel Courses here.

I focus on simplifying the technical information presented, and making sure to keep the students engaged during my Videos.

Abdelrahman Abdou
Abdelrahman AbdouFounder|ExcelBonanza.com