Excel PowerPivot and DAX Course

🚀 Unleash Your Data Superpowers with Power Pivot in Excel 🚀

🌟 Unlock a World of Hyper-Efficiency with PowerPivot in Excel! 🌟

Are you juggling data from various sources and craving to generate insightful reports?

🔥 PowerPivot and Excel’s Data Model are your ultimate arsenal for these data challenges! 🔥

✨ Why Power Pivot & Data Model? ✨

Picture this 📷: You are the maestro conducting an orchestra, and your data sources are the instruments. With Power Pivot and Excel’s Data Model, you effortlessly harmonize data from diverse sources into a symphony🎼 of insights!📊

⚡ Supercharge with DAX ⚡

Enter DAX – your magic wand!🪄 DAX enables you to weave formulas that race through vast data like a bolt of lightning, bringing agility and potency to your analyses.

📊 Reporting & Visualization Like Never Before 📊

If your role demands reporting on multifaceted data, PowerPivot and data modeling tools aren’t just an option; they are an imperative. This course will equip you with the tools and techniques to:

  1. Combine & Harmonize Data: Integrate data from various sources seamlessly.
  2. Sharpen Your Analytical Edge: With DAX, perform complex calculations in the blink of an eye.
  3. Empower Decision Making: Deliver timely, data-driven decisions with your newfound analytical prowess.

🎖️Why This Course?🎖️

Imagine being the go-to person for data analysis in your workplace, handling large datasets with ease, and delivering insightful reports. This course is the golden key that will unlock these superpowers!

✨Course Highlights✨

1️⃣ Kickstart with Confidence: We start at ground zero! Learn how to enable Power Pivot and get familiarized with the Excel environment.

2️⃣ Master Power Query: Harness the ETL power (Extract, Load & Transform) of Power Query, making your data primed for insights.

3️⃣ Data Modeling 101: Dive into data modeling by creating relationships between tables, and become proficient in differentiating the types of relationships.

4️⃣ Decoding Measures & Calculated Columns: Acquire the knowledge of Measures and Calculated Columns, and ace the distinction between Implicit and Explicit Measures.

5️⃣ Become a DAX Wizard: Master the mystical arts of DAX with the dynamic duo, RELATED() & RELATEDTABLE(), as well as Filter and Row Contexts.

6️⃣ Troubleshoot like a Pro with DAX Studio: Install DAX Studio and dive into practical examples to troubleshoot and validate DAX formulas with precision.

7️⃣ Iterate with Elegance: Conquer Iterator functions like SUMX(), AVERAGEX(), & FILTER(), and understand the power behind X and Non-X functions.

8️⃣ FILTER() Function Deep Dive: Unlock the potential of the FILTER() function with a series of videos dedicated to solving complex problems.

9️⃣ Unravel Table Functions: Explore the mighty ALL(), ALLSELECTED(), VALUES(), and DISTINCT(), and pinpoint the nuances between VALUES() & DISTINCT().

🔟 Variable Mastery: Streamline your DAX formulas with Variables – for cleaner, faster, and more efficient calculations.

1️⃣1️⃣ CALCULATE() & CALCULATETABLE() Revealed: Decode the essence of CALCULATE(), the crown jewel of DAX, alongside its ally CALCULATETABLE() for advanced calculations.

1️⃣2️⃣ Time Travel with DAX: Construct a Calendar Table from scratch and learn how to conduct Time Intelligence Calculations like a time-traveling data wizard.

🔥Transform into an Excel Power User🔥

Are you ready to transcend from an Excel user to an Excel CHAMPION? This course is your express ticket to join the ranks of elite Excel power users. The knowledge and skills you’ll acquire are invaluable, and your newfound data superpowers will set you apart in any professional setting.

🚀 Get The Perfect Headstart With Our Course 🚀

Whether you are a data enthusiast, a budding analyst, or a seasoned professional, this course is your launchpad to excel in data analysis and reporting with PowerPivot. Don’t let your data potential go untapped. Harness the full power of Power Pivot and DAX and catapult your productivity to new heights.

💡 Embark on your journey to data mastery today! 💡

Course Outline

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Course Intro

2. DAX functions Guide

3. Download Course files

Chapter 2: Your First Steps in PowerPivot

1. Enabling Power Pivot in Excel

2. Loading the data using Power Pivot

3. Loading the data using Power Query

Chapter 3: Relationships in the data model

3.1 Fact vs Dimension Tables

3.2 Relationship Types

Chapter 4: Measures and Calculated Columns

4.1 Measures and Calculated columns – Part 1

4.2 Measures and Calculated Columns – Part 2

4.3 Implicit vs Explicit Measures

Chapter 5: Evaluation Contexts in DAX

5.1 The Filter Context in DAX

5.2 The Row Context in DAX

Chapter 6: Let’s Create more measures

6.1 Building the Model and Relationships

6.2 Creating Sales & Total Product Cost Measures

6.3 Homework/ Exercises

6.4 Homework/Exercises solutions

Chapter 7: Installing PowerPivot Utilities & DAX Studio

7.1 Installing PowerPivot Utilities & DAX Studio

Chapter 8: Iterator Functions

8.1 Iterator Functions – Introduction

8.2 Aggregation iterator functions

8.3 The FILTER() Function – Part 1

8.4 The FILTER() Function – Part 2

8.5 The FILTER() Function – Part 3

8.6 The FILTER() Function – Part 4

8.7 The FILTER() Function – Part 5

8.8 Iterator Functions – Exercises

8.9 Iterator Functions – Exercise Answers – Part 1

8.10 Iterator Functions – Exercise Answers – Part 2

Chapter 9: Important Table Functions

9.2 The ALL() function

9.2 ALL() function with columns

9.3 ALLSELECTED() function


Chapter 10: Variables in DAX

10.1 Understanding Variables in DAX

Chapter 11: Using CALCULATE to manipulate the filter context

11.1 CALCULATE – Intro

11.2 Removing filters with the ALL() function


11.4 CALCULATE – Overwriting Filter Context

11.5 CALCULATE – Multiple Filters


11.7 Nested CALCULATE

11.8 CALCULATETABLE Function – Intro

11.9 CALCULATETABLE Function – New Customers Measure

11.10 CALCULATE & CALCULATETABLE Functions – Exercises

11.11 CALCULATE & CALCULATETABLE Functions – Exercise Answers Part 1

11.12 CALCULATE & CALCULATETABLE Functions – Exercise Answers Part 2

Chapter 12: Time Intelligence in PowerPivot & DAX

12.1 CALCULATE – Intro

12.2 Creating the Calendar Table using Power Query – Part 1

12.3 Creating the Calendar Table using Power Query – Part 2

12.4 Calculating YTD Results

12.5 Calculating Previous Periods

12.6 Calculating Moving Running Total

12.7 Calculating Moving Average

12.8 Weekly Time Intelligence in DAX – Calculate weekly results

12.9 Time Intelligence – Exercises

12.10 Time Intelligence – Exercise Answers – Part 1

12.11 Time Intelligence – Exercise Answers – Part 2